Thursday, 23 May 2019


Our 2nd ESO A/B bilingual students read Sherlock Holmes’ Stories some weeks ago. They enjoyed them so much, that when they were proposed to develop a project on the book, they decided to adapt two of the stories and make them into plays to be performed in front of the class. And so did they.

Later, we thought that we would take advantage of Sanfer Radio and create something similar to those radiophonic stories performed on the radio some decades ago, and this is the result. 

We would like to thank Fran Rodríguez, who has made up an original soundtrack and added the necessary sound effects to convey the atmosphere that the stories required. No doubt it’s been a great job. We hope you enjoy it!


  • Irene Adler: Sra Linyi Campos Fernández.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Pablo Martín Contioso.
  • Dr. Watson: Lucía Notario Roldán.
  • King Of Bohemian: Noa Hui Antonelli Alvarado.
  • Narrador: Noa Hui Antonelli Alvarado.
  • English Teacher: Adelaida García.

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