Wednesday, 13 February 2019


We start today a series of programmes on Sonngwriting in collaboration with SF Radio. We are currently involved in our Songwriting Project in Music class. 

After analyzing and learning the techniques used in songs, our students have chosen their favourite lyrics to read on the mic and let us know how they feel when they listen to them.

After all, writing lyrics is painting our sentiments with words. We are now learning to scribble, doodle and sketch as well. Sooner rather than later, we'll be painting beautiful stories in the shape of songs.  

Our students know that the more we read and listen, the better we will create later on. From Bilingualsanfer, we encourage then to keep on playing around with words and sentences.

From left to right: Lucía, Sara, Irene, Noelia, Dooua, Pablo,
Alicia, María, Lourdes and Juan Manuel

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