Monday, 11 February 2019


Reading in a different way. This is the the main goal of the activity carried out by 4th ESO students along with their teacher Mª José Arias. Students read the book A foreigner in Britain based on the experiences of a Spanish character visiting  different places of Great Britain including London, Oxford or York. The main aim, which is  getting to know the British culture and customs, has been achieved. Students have worked using PBL (Project Based Learning) and the result has been amazing. From board games, tests, letters to newspapers,a wide variety of activities have been thought and created by the students. Congrats for the result, creativity and invested time.

Down the line, we share the result with you. We have produced a short video so that you can watch some pics, a short audio track broadcast by SF Radio as well as a PDF of the newspaper. Enjoy!


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