Friday, 26 October 2018


The idiom “time flies” and the excitement of participating in SF Radio project are the origin of this little radiophonic adventure that our 2nd Year bilingual students have recently carried out. 

The programme, entitled We Are No Longer Rookies, intends to help them remember their first days at scondary school and make them aware of the positive changes they have gone through since they arrived here. 

They also look back to recall anecdotes, funny situations and especial moments they lived not long ago. 

To conclude, they show their empathy towards 1st Year students providing sensible tips and recommendations that they may find useful now and in the future. They just want to welcome rookies and make them feel comfortable and at ease. 

They are the authors of their own words. In fact, they have decided what to speak about and created the scripts of the programmes. Everything has been done with a great deal of thrill and enthusiasm.

Teachers: Adelaida García and Virginia Pacheco.

We hope you enjoy it! 

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