Wednesday, 21 March 2018


It’s been a while since our last recording and we are pretty sure you are eager to get to know our last Project.

During this second term of the year, our 2nd ESO bilingual students have been working hard on the bits and pieces of Music History, lyrics composition, singing and recorder techniques and repertoire. However, I must say that the unit that caught their attention was the one dedicated to the music from around the world. They were exposed to the different scales used in other cultures, included the pentatonic scale. We’ve been playing around with it for as much a we could. From China to the Blues, Jazz and Rock, we are used to listening to it. Their five sounds ring a bell when they are played together.

And we bumped into the song Pagodas, written by J. Palazón and inspired in the Chinese culture.  First, we recorded the audio track in class and then, we shot the video on location, at San Fernando gardens. They even took a chance to say thanks in Chinese.    
As usual they did their best. They are always craving for playing, singing and learning, they put a huge effort into it and I’m really proud of them for it. I just want to say thanks to this awesome group of students for their eagerness. From @bilingualsanfer, we want to share our humble Project, we hope you enjoy.

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