Friday, 15 December 2017


2nd Year bilingual students have been working hard  for the first term to give you away this beautiful music video.
This project called Music Production, consists of preparing a song of their choice from scratch, from the very beginning, including voice production, pronunciation, memorizing lyrics, learning backing voices and plenty more, to the end of the process: releasing a musical product. This time, a music video.
After having the song recorded and produced by their teacher, they managed to record a music video. It was shot on location by the riverside park in Badajoz. A wonderful stage to perform the best of them.
Like I use to say, this is what happens when a group of teachers encourage a group of committed teenagers to work together for the same purpose. Definitely, the experience that we all had along the way, has been unforgettable.

Now, we can enjoy the final result, but this is not the end of it all. We know that other goups of shyer students and teachers will be  joining us in a near future, to make a new dream come true.

Please, feel free to leave your comments down below in any language. I think this group of students deserve a huge round of virtual and real applause.

Post by Francisco Javier Rodríguez Torres


  1. Absolutely fantastic! Great song, great children and great video. Congratulations to all of you!

  2. Awesone and stunning cover!!! Congratulations to the 2nd-ESO students and their Music teacher for this marvellous video!!!

  3. Great, Fran.! A very interesting experience for all of our pupils and for us, the teachers. CONGRATULATIONS