Thursday, 7 May 2015


1. Listen to the Fantastic Symphony (3rd movement).

2. This word cloud contains words that inpired Berlioz to write this movement. Try and write a short story including some of the following words:

3. Now listen to La Campanella by Liszt. This time jot down the words that the music inspires you.

4. And this is the word cloud we have come up with. Use it to create a story for La Campanella.


  1. In the countryside there are a lot of trees very happy because a group of boys are planning birthday party. The trees were dialoguing about that. A group of colouring sheep with his shepherds give a brown gift in his notes. One boy kill all the sheep's, catch his heart and he given to the birthday boy.
    By: Alicia Martínez and Lia Bolaños

  2. There is a panda, a happy panda that live with his family. The panda had a very good job and wealth.
    But one night the father's panda goes to the job. There was a bad night with thunders and it was raining. This day he dissapeared with never explication. The family establish a conversation and tells ideas about where is his father.
    Seven years later, the family goes to the supermarket and find his father buying tomatoes with other family. The mother and the two sons entending that his father don't want the last family and all start to be calm.

    By: Jose Maria and David Martinez

  3. Two boys were playing in the countryside.
    The countryside was very coulouring and calm.
    The two boys were talking, suddenly the wind began to blow and the guys thought that was a good idea to fly their kites.
    Later one of the kites got shagged in a tree.
    The childrens were hopeless.
    Then, they saw sheerperds with sheeps and the guys asked them for help, to recovered their long kite, later, one o the sherpherds recover the kite and the boys were happy.

    By: Elena Reina and Alicia Monago.

  4. One evening a boy was in the countryside.
    He heared a lot of sounds and the sky was so dark. He was with his loneliness when he listened a thunder nearby. He had a premonition: the next ray will kill he.
    But was only a dream and he came back to home
    By: Sergio Pinto and David Guillen

  5. One day a virtuoso of piano wants to create a new composition. So one afternoon he went to the countryside for inspiration. His first composition was really boring so he tried to compose an exciting piece of music. The new composition was fast and grandiose but he thought that people could also relax listening to it. When he finished he listened a thunder so he leave the countryside. He feel much fear so he ran very fast to reach home.
    Two months later the composition was a sucess
    By: Sergio Pinto Recio

  6. One day, a velociraptor was walking between trees in the countryside. This evening he was so happy because the day was colourful, but the climate changed and appeared a lot of thunders.He felt so scared but the storm desapeared faster than he taught and the day stay calm.BY: Iván Fernandez and Carlos Aldana

  7. One evening at the countryside, there were some shepherds making a dialogue with the trees. Pauls the tree, had the idea of made a musical duet with the shepherds´ sheeps. They created a calm melody that sounded like birds cheeaping. In the end, the shepherds with their sheeps had to back home because a storms with lots of thunders started.
    By: Laura Infantes and Ana Herranz.