Thursday, 12 February 2015


As The Beatles well-known song used to say: All You Need Is Love.
Our 2nd Year students join a special programme devoted to love  with songs and poetry hosted by our team on SF Radio. 
They have broadcasted nine love songs and other students have brilliantly read out loud love poems in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
This is our approach to Saint Valentine's day, putting together love, music, poetry and a lot of enthusiastic readers who have done their best.
More than fifty people as a whole taking part in an ambitious project in the classroom for more than thirty-six minutes on air without an interruption. Congratulation to all of them on the good mood and patience they have shown.
We would like to show our gratitude to the teachers who have chosen the poems in three different languages: Luz Romero, Carmen Palomo, Ara Jiménez and María José Arias.

Produced by Francisco Javier Rodríguez Torres

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