Thursday, 27 November 2014


Here you have the documentary to be watched. You shoud answer the 24 questions contained in the form.
You can get started from minute 28 onwards.
In addition, if you want to improve your grade, please leave us a message with your opinion about the music in this period.
Good luck!


  1. Lia Bolaños Pérez.
    This video is interesting but in some case the man speak very fast and I don´t understand very well.
    And of the music of that time... well, it´s boring in some cases becouse it´s a music that is "slow" and sometime you sleep.

  2. Alfonso Fernández Simoes:
    It was a very interesting activity it wasn´t very difficult to me but the bad thing it is that the man speaked very fast and it was very long the video and, sometimes you have to replay the video over and over to understand the man

  3. Samuel Gallardo Montero: Hi,what has seemed more important this period was the invention of printing and the opera. what has most caught my attention was the change of voices from the bottom up that occurred during the Renaissance and the change in religious music produced by Martin Luther. This has been my opinion. A greeting.

  4. Sergio González Rivera :
    It's interesting because it show us the great avances in music and in general in the Renaissance, as some popular songs, a little of the instruments in this period, the invention of the priting press and the good opera.