Thursday, 1 May 2014


We use to end up every unit with a final project, but in this ocassion you will have to make two. They consist of investigating and describing a musical instrument by using Bitstrip and constructing and writing a recipe about the process of making.
 Here you have some tips:
  1. Choose an instrument you like.
  2. Investigate and collect the most important information: family, history, parts and techniques used to play it, as well as famous players.
  3. Create a story between two friends.
  4. Send or print your work.
Remember how Bitstrip works at:

Once  you have writen and sent your strip, try to make this instrument. This activity consists of constructing a flute by using a piece of paper. Have a look and try to make it yourserlf:

And finally, it is the time for writing a recipe describing the whole process. Use the guide provided in class.

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