Friday, 28 March 2014


Today is the day!
After a long period of preparation, we start off our new experience. We are setting up an educational radio station. We hope we can make records regularly and provide our students with te most amazing sounds they deserve, as they are getting involved in a new project.
And here you are the result. Our first podcast consist of an explanation of the parts and functions of the human voice, based on a text we have previously read in class.
We expect your partitipation by leaving some comments on our blog encouraging our students to take part in the project.
As ever we invite the whole school community to partipate in this adventure.

Our stars for  today:

From left to the right: Ana Herranz, Elena Reina, David Domínguez and Alfonso Fernández.
Intro voice: Gerardo García.
1º ESO A.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to this pocast. If you liked it, please leave your comments.


  1. Very good pronunciation. Congratulations and good luck for this project!!

    1. This project is fantastic because the students learn a lot of things the other way. It's happy. I like it. Elena, Gerardo, David, Ana and Alfonso have read very good. I hope that I can listen to the radio other day. Congratulations.
      Ascensión Herranz

  2. Dear students, congratulations on your beautifu reading! I am really impressed!! I encourage you, teachers and students, to go on with this wonderful radio project!

    With love,

    Teacher Carmen

  3. I am really amazed at how brave you are!
    Your first programme and you did so well!
    The sky is the limit!
    Was it hard? Did you practise for long hours?
    You sound very professional!
    Thanks for posting the photograph! It is always nice to see the faces of the person who is talking to you!
    Keep on recording and posting!
    Some people out here are waiting for more!!

    (Teacher Maje)