Saturday, 11 January 2014


Hello and wellcome back! Here we are again with our exercises.
The following tracks correspond to number 24, 25, 28 and 30. Before making the exercises, please read the information.


  1. Soledad Boya Gallego 1*A
    I listent the third video and I like very much, because this piece of remains me of when I was little and was with my cousin.

  2. Mario Rodriguez Gomez 1ºE4:30 pm, December 01, 2014

    I listent the second video and I like very much,becouse I like the rock music and the singer Phil Collins
    and this song remains me of good moments.

  3. Alba Díaz Real 1º A.
    I listen the first video,I like very much this video.
    This piece of music remains me when I was young and I go with my family at concerts. ♬

  4. Sara Galeano Moreno 1ºE
    ♬ I listened the fourth video.This piece of music remains me an arab playing a flute and a snake dancing in a basket ♬

  5. Alejandro Ardila Vagace 1º E
    I listent the first video, I like this music because is very slow and when I listen this music I keep calm.
    This music remains me when I reading.
    This piece music belong to instrumental music. The adaggio is very slow

  6. Daniel Macías Rodríguez 1A
    I listen the third video and i like this becouse make me feel happy and remains me when i´m doing something that i like

  7. Ignacio Galvan Gallego 1ºE
    I listen to the third videeo and i like it a lot , it is very relax and i like it beacuse it increases de speed and i love this song.

  8. Ivan Galea 1E MUSIC
    I listen the first video and i like this tipe of music,but is very slow

  9. I love the third song,but Te Deum doesn´t it in the videos

  10. Andrea García Moreno 1A
    I like the song " In the Hall of the Mountain King " . Because it is a relaxing music and slow