Thursday, 23 May 2019


Our 2nd ESO A/B bilingual students read Sherlock Holmes’ Stories some weeks ago. They enjoyed them so much, that when they were proposed to develop a project on the book, they decided to adapt two of the stories and make them into plays to be performed in front of the class. And so did they.

Later, we thought that we would take advantage of Sanfer Radio and create something similar to those radiophonic stories performed on the radio some decades ago, and this is the result. 

We would like to thank Fran Rodríguez, who has made up an original soundtrack and added the necessary sound effects to convey the atmosphere that the stories required. No doubt it’s been a great job. We hope you enjoy it!


  • Irene Adler: Sra Linyi Campos Fernández.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Pablo Martín Contioso.
  • Dr. Watson: Lucía Notario Roldán.
  • King Of Bohemian: Noa Hui Antonelli Alvarado.
  • Narrador: Noa Hui Antonelli Alvarado.
  • English Teacher: Adelaida García.

Thursday, 25 April 2019


Our bilingual students of 3rd ESO, have recorded different interviews to famous scientists, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Jane Goodall and others,... 

After looking for the information about their lives and their research, the students have done a fictitious interview asking them about the most relevant aspects of their contributions to science.
Learning from the past is necessary to understand the present.

There is only one track, but you can skip to find the author listed below.

  • 00'00'': Jane Goodall by Alba Mateos and Rocío Iglesias.
  • 03'00': Leonardo da Vinci by Marta Parejo, Ana Pulido and Marta Carnerero.
  • 05'20'': Albert Einstein by Alba López and Alba García.
  • 08'14'': Marie Curie by Laura Utrero and Inés Luengo.
  • 10'03'': Alexander Maxwell by Aleberto Salgado and Raúl Méndez.
  • 12'36'': Albert Einstein (II) by Paula Mateo and Andrea Carrizo.
  • 15'15'': Ernest Rutherford by Aurora Nogales and Andrea García.
  • 16'44'': Niels Bohr by Carmen Rodríguez and Alejandro Bocho.
  • 18'44'': Joseph John Thompson by Beatriz Herranz and Leire de Andrés.
  • 21'10'': Rosalind Franklin by Ana Martín and Alba Picón.
  • 22'54'': Paul Berg by Francisco Javier Peces and Mauro Corchado.
  • 24'23'': Isaac Newton by Carlota Márquez and Athenea García.
  • 26'26'': Ernest Rutherford (II) by Alba Mateos and Rocío Iglesias.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019


 After researching about acoustic pollution in our environment, some of the bilingual students of 1st ESO A,B,C,F  have recorded a radio program based on interviews related to this important issue in today's society.
In the current program, they speak about the main sources of noise pollution, proposing possible solutions in order to avoid this problem.
This  project has been carried out in music classes with their teacher, and the main aim has been to create environmental awareness in our students.
We are very proud to share this work with you and  we hope you can learn and enjoy with it.
Congrats for your effort and participation. Good job!


Roxana Acedo
Alejandra Blanco
María Maya
Azucena Quintero
Adrián Rodríguez
Mario Soler
Carlos Barriga
Antonio Coroba
Irene Martínez
Ariadna Rodríguez
Jesús Velázquez

Marisa Alonso.

Recorded and edited by Francisco Javier Rodríguez.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019


After learning few techniques about writing poems, some of the students of 1st ESO C/F have written some poems about different topics using some of those techniques. 
Most of them have handed out the ones they liked the most and have read them out loud in front of their classmates practising the entonation. 
The best ones have been chosen to be read on the radio programme.
The activity has been done in English classes with teacher Ana Sanjuán.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019


We start today a series of programmes on Sonngwriting in collaboration with SF Radio. We are currently involved in our Songwriting Project in Music class. 

After analyzing and learning the techniques used in songs, our students have chosen their favourite lyrics to read on the mic and let us know how they feel when they listen to them.

After all, writing lyrics is painting our sentiments with words. We are now learning to scribble, doodle and sketch as well. Sooner rather than later, we'll be painting beautiful stories in the shape of songs.  

Our students know that the more we read and listen, the better we will create later on. From Bilingualsanfer, we encourage then to keep on playing around with words and sentences.

From left to right: Lucía, Sara, Irene, Noelia, Dooua, Pablo,
Alicia, María, Lourdes and Juan Manuel

Monday, 11 February 2019


Reading in a different way. This is the the main goal of the activity carried out by 4th ESO students along with their teacher Mª José Arias. Students read the book A foreigner in Britain based on the experiences of a Spanish character visiting  different places of Great Britain including London, Oxford or York. The main aim, which is  getting to know the British culture and customs, has been achieved. Students have worked using PBL (Project Based Learning) and the result has been amazing. From board games, tests, letters to newspapers,a wide variety of activities have been thought and created by the students. Congrats for the result, creativity and invested time.

Down the line, we share the result with you. We have produced a short video so that you can watch some pics, a short audio track broadcast by SF Radio as well as a PDF of the newspaper. Enjoy!